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Warehouse service

The final service of Yesh Packers and Movers is none other than storage service. The experts are extremely flexible and also convenient at the time of moving your goods and consignments from your residence to stores. Whether you necessitate a warehouse for the commercial or else individual purpose, they must be your final option to get high quality moving service. They also give entire safety and security of entire stored brands at their warehouse. The proficient have specialized warehouse along with enough space which is needed. Moreover, a warehouse offered with sufficient security like fire protection construction; maintain track statement, video surveillance. Their warehouse is well guarded and spacious making sure entire security of your goods.

Feature of Warehouse service

  • It is entirely secured premises along with fire and smoke detectors
  • They offer fire fighting tools, and fire rated service
  • The expert has burglar alarm system
  • Storage of wooden lift vans as well as loose stock up incorporation owned containers
  • Provide round clock safety guards
  • Provide continuous power supply
  • Totally mechanized loading & storage tools, dollies and pallet trucks